The Village Book Review + Interview with Author

The Village picks up where The Journey left off in a tale of community and compassion.With Marjorie’s wedding, the Thornes are happily settled in the welcoming village of Ceristen. Fred has steady employment, and even Gwenda is making friends. Other new arrivals, however, are finding it harder to adjust . . .Mordred Kenhelm has spent … Continue reading The Village Book Review + Interview with Author

Take Heart

During 2020, one of the passages from the Bible that has really stuck with me from the beginning has been John 14-18, which is part of Jesus' last few hours with His disciples before His crucifixion. Many verses from this passage have been quoted across the centuries, especially as they speak about peace, which is something that has been sought for by humanity since the Fall of mankind.

Self-Evaluation of Writing

In light of some comments and thoughts expressed during #PitMad on Twitter yesterday, I wanted to share some lessons I've learned through the writing and querying process. I've seen a lot of people, not just during this recent pitching session, but in general, speaking of how discouraged they feel about their writing when they see … Continue reading Self-Evaluation of Writing