Pricing & Booking Information

Below is a list of pricing for the different types of graphics I make along with a contact information button so you can get in touch with me directly about your project!

I would prefer to be booked a month prior to your needing the cover in order to give me enough time to complete your project (including any necessary revisions) satisfactorily.

Please Note: I reserve the right to turn down any project due to lack of time or any other legitimate reason. I decline to accept any graphic project that involves nudity or explicit violence in the images, or explicit language or swearing in the text.

Cover Design Pricing:

  • Premades: $50 (more if significant changes are required)
  • Ebook: $75
  • Paperback: $100
  • Case laminate: $100
  • Dust jacket wrap: $150
  • Dust jacket wrap + case laminate: $200 (dependent on how detailed the two layers are)


  • Ebook + paperback wrap: $150
  • Ebook + dust jacket wrap: $200
  • Ebook + paperback + dust jacket wrap: $350
  • Ebook + paperback + dust jacket & case laminate wrap: $500

Series Bundles:

  • Duology: $250 (this includes ebook + paperback wrap)
  • Trilogy: $400 (this includes ebook + paperback wrap)
  • Series: $600 (this includes ebook + paperback wrap up to five books with an additional $100 for every book added to the series)

Please note: hardcovers are not included in the series bundles, but can be added for an additional $100 per book, or $200 per book if case laminate + dust jacket are required)

Social Media Promotion Posts:

  • $10 starting fee (this includes two image posts)
  • $5 for each additional graphic
  • $15 for banners + logo (separate)

Swag for Preorder Goodies

  • $50 for a preorder goodie package. This includes up to two bookmark designs (front and back included, or you can substitute that for two additional bookmarks, front side only), a sticker, and up to five print designs.
  • $15 for three bookmark designs
  • $5 for a sticker design
  • $10 for a print design

Photo Manipulation

  • $50-$150 depending on the level of manipulation required.