Manuscript Wishlist

Below is a wishlist for books I’d love to edit! This is by no means an exhaustive list, but exists to give you a better idea of what books I’d be the best fit for. If your book falls under any of the wanted categories, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you in any way I can.

For more details regarding pricing, please check this page here.


I’m specifically interested in young historical fiction novels, mysteries, science fiction, and adventure. Basically, any story that’s full of quirky characters, clean humor, and fresh, narrative voicing.

Some of my favorite middle-grade books include The Wingfeather Saga, The Seventh Realm Trilogy, the Scout series, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Wishing Seed. A number of favorite authors in this age category are Andrew Peterson, M.L. Little, Piet Prins, C.S. Lewis, Alissa Zavalianos, and Patricia St. John.

Young Adult

I probably read young adult more than any other genre, though I very much enjoy well-written middle-grade books. I accept a variety of genres, but my top favorites are historical fiction (all eras), any type of fantasy or speculative fiction, and some science-fiction. I love a story that’s focused on characters and themes, especially good vs. evil, light vs. dark, and hope vs. despair. I am not the best fit for a romance, but I adore romantic sub-plots. I am looking for books with fresh voicing, introspective narratives, character-centric stories, and unusual takes on common story-types.

Some of my top YA books are Six of Crows, The Lord of the Rings, The Book Thief, Seventh City, Romanov, The Shining Company, The Eagle of the Ninth, The Spartan, and The Ceristen Series.

My favorite authors include Rosemary Sutcliff, Leigh Bardugo, Emily Hayse, Nadine Brandes, J.R.R. Tolkien, Verity Buchanan, Caroline Dale Snedeker, C.M. Banschbach, Alexandre Dumas, Robert Louis Stevenson, and A.S. Peterson.

I am not the best fit for

  • Books with excessive swearing or explicit content. I prefer PG-13 when possible. I have no issue with difficult or mature topics being addressed in a book, yet there are ways to deal with these things without being explicit on the page.
  • Horror, vampire/werewolf stories, most contemporary fiction, or main-genre romance.
  • Adult fiction. While I have read books in this genre and have enjoyed many of them, at this time I do not consider myself the best fit due to many adult books containing content I do not wish to read. However, if you have a clean adult fiction you’d like edited, you’re more than welcome to send it my way.