Grief ~ Prosey Thoughts

It’s not proper poetry by any means, but it was some writing I did a few months ago. I know one of the most difficult things this year has been, for many of us, not being able to say goodbye like we wished to, and this, I hope, reflects that.

This work is dedicated to my friends who have shaped my life in so many ways; I owe you the world.

I’ve heard it once said
That grief is love
All the love we want to give but cannot
So it wells up in the corners of our eyes
And spills over
As rivers of ungiveable love
But I think it’s more

Grief is unmeasurable emotion
Pouring out of our broken hearts
And torn souls
As tears and shaking
Pain we cannot fathom
That would tear us apart otherwise

Grief is a dull throbbing
Of a wounded heart
That wants to heal and cannot
Because the hurt is too great
So it hurts and hurts
Not great enough to spill over
As shattering sobs
But great enough to hurt
And kills us from the inside

Grief is an aching longing
For things to be other than they are
A longing that cannot be righted
So we grieve and we hurt
Because we can do nothing else

Grief is memories
Lingering beyond one’s reach
Ghosts of golden days long past
That will never be experienced again
So we grieve and we hurt
Because we can do nothing else

Grief is love
Broken, hurting love
Because we cannot give it
In the ways we long to
Love that will never be fully realized
So we grieve and we hurt
Because we can do nothing else

If my grief could be gathered together
It would fill the deepest ocean
But instead the rains keep falling
Because my tears are dry
Though my heart still hurts
So the rain washes the wounds
Because we can do nothing else

If I could tell you once again
How much I appreciated you
Thanking you for all you’ve done
If we could sing together one last time
If we could laugh together 
And watch the fire die away one last time
Cheering each other on 
Celebrating and grieving together
Perhaps the pain would not be so great
For I could not say goodbye on my own terms
And so I grieve and hurt
Because I can do nothing else

But if there is some way 
In which I can tell you
How much you mean to me
And how much I wish you well
Know that I grieve not what has been
But what could have been and what is not
And know that I love and miss you all the same
Because I’m grieving 
That I could not have told you this in person

I would also like to recommend this new song release from Youtube artist, Esther Eyre called Now I Know. It’s a beautiful song and encases the same emotion but in a more positive, wistful way. Go check it out!

6 thoughts on “Grief ~ Prosey Thoughts

  1. I am most definitely not crying. Not in the least little bit.

    *Blows nose loudly and discreetly wipes eyes*

    This is beautiful. And heart-rending. And a host of other adjectives that don’t actually describe it well enough, and spam would not be fitting on this post anyway. XP Thank you so much for posting this.

    (And I know we don’t know each other hardly at all, but I miss you, Cheyenne! I hope we can see each other again sometime soon.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww Hannah! Thank you so much! ;-; I also hope to get to know you more, and hopefully see you sooner rather than later. I’m planning on doing BibleBee again next year and we’re also doing the Scriptorium, so hopefully that will make it easier to meet up?


      1. Well, that wish of mine came true sooner than expected. ;D It was great to see you on Thursday!! Oh yay, that’s awesome. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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