The Last Atlantean Book Review + Interview with Author


“Watch, ye sons of the sea, your doom is at hand. With soundless storm rises the fate of Atlantis.”

As a lighthouse keeper’s daughter, Hattie has always been able to handle anything the Atlantic throws at her. But when a stranger washes ashore in a storm, she finds herself unraveling a mystery that will change her life.

Caught up in a high-stakes game of intrigue and hidden loyalties, Hattie watches legends take shape before her eyes. But as kings and pawns prepare for a showdown that will determine the fate of an ancient world, she wonders whether she has thrown in her lot with the hero or the villain. 

I cannot begin to describe how excited I’ve been for this book’s release! After reading and simultaneously falling in love with Emily Hayse’s Seventh City at the end of last year, when I discovered she was going to be releasing a sea fantasy, I was super hyped. And, I am pleased to report that the book has been anything but a disappointment. I might love it even better than Seventh City. Currently, they are at a tie.

I am completely blown away by The Last Atlantean. The phrasing of the words, the world-building, the relationships—all of these are so beautiful and I found myself in tears many times reading, especially at the end. The world-building, the whole sea fantasy intrigued me, having always been partial to it, and it did not disappoint. And the characters, oh the characters! Isurus stole my heart and I love how he and Hattie compliment each other so well right from the opening. I regret I can’t say more because spoilers, but I absolutely love this book to pieces!

I love Emily Hayse’s style as it is so similar to my favorite author, Rosemary Sutcliff. And besides, I cannot turn down a sea fantasy story. Out of all the various types of fantasy books out there, those are my favorite. Combine the two, throw in the elements of danger, angst, and beautifully-developed characters, it’s a must-have.

“I think I was made for the sea, and the sea for me. Perhaps it’s strange to love such a terrible and bloodthirsty thing; I don’t know. In this town we pit ourselves against it, day after day, for our whole lives, knowing every day that this could be the day the sea wins. Yet I am not afraid of it. I love it, even.”

I was also able to interview the author (again) for this book’s release! The questions are in bold, the answers in regular font, etc. You should know my style by now, haha.


1. What inspired you to write The Last Atlantean?

A combination of a fascination with the legends of Atlantis and a couple random brainwaves. I came up with the title in my good friend Schuyler McConkey’s kitchen in the summer of 2018, and the actual concept came a few months later while I was working at my desk at work. No idea what actually sparked it.


2. Why write about Atlantis?

I have always been intrigued by the legend, and the title actually came first of everything, so it was less of a conscious decision and more of just rolling with the punches. But I love the ancient feel and the water and mystery of it. It’s definitely a favorite.

I have to say, I have always been curious about Atlantis as well and enjoy reading books about it—even wrote a novella about it, though it was not a major point of the story. 


3. What’s your favorite part in The Last Atlantean?

The line Isurus gives his brother right at the climax. That was one of the first lines I ever wrote but it didn’t make it into the book until almost the last draft.

Oh yes!! I mean, I love all the lines in this book, but that was such a good one. 


4. Who’s your favorite character and why?

Isurus Lamnidae. He’s a good guy, he tries his best, and he’s gentle. The sort of person you would want to know in real life.

I have to say, he was my favorite character too, though for additional reasons. In short, he’s the type of guy I always fall for in books so yeah. Fictional crushing over him big-time. ^_^ Plus most of the fictional male characters I write are often like him in personality and looks so it wasn’t too hard to fall in love with him. 


5. Did you listen to music when writing/editing The Last Atlantean and if so, what songs? 

I did! In fact I have a playlist for it that you can find here:

Some notable songs are Timshel, Godspeed (from The Time Machine), I Won’t Give Up (specifically a cover done by my friend Genavieve Linkowski on YouTube), and a modern cover of Sound of Silence.

Yes!!! I love to listen to the music authors/writers listen to when writing. It’s interesting to see how it can influence their work. 


6. If you could spend a day with one character from The Last Atlantean, who would it be and why? 

Probably Taurus? He’s kind of a fun guy and he certainly would know where to find the food and the cool stuff to do.

Oh yes! Taurus is so precious. I declare him an absolute cinnamon roll. I love his character and his struggles and it’s a pity he didn’t get even more “screen time.” I loved him. 


7. Do you intend to write another sea fantasy in the future?

I do indeed! I actually have one in the works right now, though there is no timeline for publication. It is a fantasy Yankee whaler vs. pirates kind of story with a twisty Agatha Christie-esque plot and dangerous whale-like creatures and very unexpected conflicted villains. It will probably be a series.

Oh my, this sounds really good and above me to even imagine writing myself! Wow! 


Thanks again for agreeing to this interview, Emily!!

Below are links to buy the book and to follow the author on her social media sites!


EMILY HAYSE is a lover of log cabins, strong coffee, and the smell of old books. Her writing is fueled by good characters and a lifelong passion for storytelling. When she is not busy turning words into worlds, she can often be found baking, singing, or caring for one of the many dogs and horses in her life. She lives with her family in Michigan. 

Website/Social Media handles: 
Instagram: @songsofheroes 
Twitter: @theherosinger
Facebook: /theherosinger



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Here I am, an exile on the rim of the dusky sea, waiting for my redemption._


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