Words We Wrote


I don’t usually post poetry on here. And I don’t really intend to make it a habit.

But these words popped into my head when showering the other night; I was laughing at the memories of my writing buddies and I discussing our characters; people we know who share the character personalities or people we’ve seen who are very much like our characters. And of course, the longing I’m sure any writer has to meet their characters in real life. So as you might have guessed, these words in their rough form I suppose are exploring the idea “what if our characters did exist” and what the consequences might be, if that were the case. I hope you enjoy. ^_^


What if the words we wrote
And the stories we wove
Had impact in peoples’ lives,
Governing whether they lived or died?


What if the songs we sang
And people we named
Actually lived and breathed
And weren’t mere words to read?


What if we wove the fates,
The lives, the loves, the hates
Of not just character tomes
But people with lives of their own?


What if our words had the power
To change the world now and forever
If the ink-stained pages could weave
The fates of all; could this be believed?


What if we could change the lives
Of people we’ve yet to espy
Our penstrokes altering details,
Causing or wiping away tears?


What if, like the Author of Life,
We could change the world and end strife?
What if we could bring joy to sadness
Bring back the light and end darkness?


If we knew the power
That our pens could hold,
We might change what we wrote
To bring more life into death
More light to the darkness.
Perhaps the next time we write
We will think how our words
Can change the world;
And we will change the world
Through the power of our words.

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