An Apologetic Explanation

Title says it all.

Guys, I am so sorry. I promised to do regular updates on here, but I have failed. offers sword

Life has just been so crazy–I don’t even know where to begin. And now, NaNoWriMo is happening and I made the made choice to do it, so… Long story short, I will give an update as soon as I am done, or otherwise.

Again, I am really sorry for not giving reason for my disappearance sooner, but I hope you will all please forgive me.

On another note, for NaNo, I am writing a novel of Roman Britain (or more specifically, Rome in the eyes of a British slave girl) that has required tons of research that I’m still not finished with, but yeah. It’s been cool going so far. I may not reach 50k, but any number will be enough.

Below is the cover and excerpt from it:



Until next time,

Gwynnedd o’Maeswnhir

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