Take Heart

During 2020, one of the passages from the Bible that has really stuck with me from the beginning has been John 14-18, which is part of Jesus' last few hours with His disciples before His crucifixion. Many verses from this passage have been quoted across the centuries, especially as they speak about peace, which is something that has been sought for by humanity since the Fall of mankind.

Becoming a Master Puppeteer — From Writer to Published Author

Writing is a long and complicated process. Most people think that you just have to sit at a table with a notebook and pen/pencil, or a typewriter, or a laptop and just word away the hours. And then get published. But in reality, it's so much more than that. I never realized how much work … Continue reading Becoming a Master Puppeteer — From Writer to Published Author

COVID-19 — Lessons Learned

In case you're wondering, this is tied to my previous post, HOPE and COVID-19. Since that time, the lock-down has been extended to April 30th. Myself and many others have learned (or are still learning) to adjust to doing online classes for everything. My dance competitions have been cancelled. My youth rally was cancelled. My friends' … Continue reading COVID-19 — Lessons Learned