Why Christians Should Not Read Smut

If you're reading this, I'm already surprised. Why? Because most people will probably a) not read because they're afraid I might get explicit because of the title, b) don't want to be preached at, c) already think they know what I'm going to say and not read it anyway. However, if you are reading this, … Continue reading Why Christians Should Not Read Smut

Other Peoples’ Opinions vs. You

(Sorry for the absence; life got crazy the last couple weekends.)    This past weekend, I competed in a music and Irish dance competition. It was my first time ever competing in Irish penny whistle and voice and dancing in novice level. The music competition, well... I was the only one competing in the categories … Continue reading Other Peoples’ Opinions vs. You

Purpose: Finding a Reason Amidst Chaos

Warning, this is a long post...   What is purpose? The dictionary defines purpose as the following: purpose [ pur-puhs ] noun the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc. an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal. determination; resoluteness. verb (used with object), pur·posed, pur·pos·ing. to set as an aim, intention, or goal … Continue reading Purpose: Finding a Reason Amidst Chaos

Why Christmas Should Be Celebrated

Christmas among Christians is a surprisingly controversial issue. Some Christians have no scruples celebrating it while others either don't or debate about whether they should. Reasons are because Christmas replaced the pagan holiday of Saturnalia, that Christ's birth isn't supposed to be celebrated, etc. And still others celebrate Christmas without hardly thinking of the real … Continue reading Why Christmas Should Be Celebrated