The Wingfeather Saga Book Review

This series is probably my favorite read of 2021. Aside from the gorgeous covers and artwork, this series surprised me. I’d heard so much about it that I was interested in trying to read the first book, but in general, children’s books don’t usually entertain me. (Sorry, guess I grew up.)

Good news, these books aren’t your typical MG fantasy.

These books are written in a very captivating style that both delights children but also interests boring adults like me. The prose had me laughing at times and at tears at others. Humorous, but also unafraid to delve into deep topics, Andrew Peterson has written a masterpiece and I long for the day I can have all four books (boxed sets, anyone?) on my bookshelves. They’re very whimsical and reminiscent of classics like The Hobbit and The Wind in the Willows and also of more modern publications such as The Seventh Realm Trilogy. Plus, they’re clean, which can be hard to find, even in children’s books.

These series boast plenty of action, but also lots of plot development. The cliffhangers between the books are brilliant and the character development is beautifully portrayed. Artham in particular is my favorite character, and I love his redemption arc across the four books. I also love how Janner and Tink grow up as they experience the world they live in. But there are also comic characters such as The Florrid Sword (whose true person didn’t surprise me, but I still laughed just as hard) and others who keep the books from getting too sad.

Plus, there are songs in these books that are heartbreakingly beautiful and not boring pages of song-stories that quite honestly most of us probably gloss over. No, these songs are important and are worth taking the time to read. My Love Has Gone Across the Sea will forever have my heart.

The fourth book in particular broke me. After book one, I binged my way through the rest whenever I got the books (I was borrowing them) and I breezed so quickly through book four that much of it remains an emotional blur.

It’s been a very long time since a book or series has captivated me so much. I dare to say I haven’t been moved by a book or series like this since I first read The Lord of the Rings back in 2014. These books have my heart and the stories and characters within these pages are beautiful and broken. But then, aren’t most of us? I whole-heartedly recommend these books for anyone, their style spans all age groups.

But I will warn you. You best have all four books on hand at once. And tissues. These books have plenty of sad as well as happy moments.

I will close this review with the rendition of My Love Has Gone Across the Sea from the upcoming animation which I am very excited for. Enjoy!

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