My Debut Novel is Available for Preorder

About a month ago or so, you might remember me talking about how I was getting published with New Degree Press! If now, you can check out that post here.

I am excited to announce that my novel, Between Two Worlds, is now available for preorder! The way it works with New Degree Press is this: you preorder my book and the funds go to paying my publishing costs. In return, you get a signed copy, mention in the acknowledgements, preorder swag, and much more! If you are interested in preordering, click the image above or the link below.

Enid, a young Celt, is overjoyed when the youth she admires tells her of his love for her. But her hopes and dreams are shattered when slave traders ambush them and sell Enid off as a slave in Rome. So she buries her past, struggling to survive in a world vastly different from her own.

Illegitimate and rejected by society because of his British ancestry, Lucius is desperate to prove his worth as a Roman. He enlists in the army with hopes of gaining honor, only to lose everything in the process.

Two different souls, one hopeful for change, one seething in bitterness, both caught between two worlds. When they collide, nothing will ever be the same.

Yet Rome is hostile towards these outcasts of society, and Enid must learn to lose one identity in order to gain another, placing her faith and trust in the God of the Christiani if she and Lucius are to have any hope for a future together at all.

Between Two Worlds Blurb

Below is the promotional video New Degree Press made for me! Special thanks to Lydia Hayse for helping with the cello in the music and Stephen Howard for lending his voice for some of the voice overs!

If you are interested in preordering, click on the link above and let me know if you have any questions! Please spread the word on social media using my hashtag #BetweenTwoWorlds.

Anyone else excited?

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