A Brief Update and Apology

I normally don’t do these type of informal posts, but this is an exception because I feel that you all deserve an explanation for the rather sporadic posting lately.

It was a goal (and still is in a sense) to try to have a post up every week, or every two weeks if there was something going on that prevented it.

Yeah, things happened, mainly me being busy with other things and forgetting. That’s why, besides lack of inspiration and having no idea what to post sometimes. (Any ideas as to what you’d like to see, hit me up!)

But anyway, here’s the explanation of the business.

College-related things such as ACT testing and trying to get everything ready for me to do dual cred classes my senior year. And piano things; need to start practicing and getting things ready for an audition this fall eek. And dance. And writing.

Not many of you are subscribed to my monthly newsletter, but I’ll give brief details here. One of my stories, the story I’m second most proud of, Between Two Worlds, I completed editing this past month. And have started the querying and pitching process. As of this moment, I have sent out five queries and received my first rejection yesterday. It was from a company I wasn’t hoping would really work out so I’m okay with them not accepting my submission, plus the quick response made me happy. Honestly, I’m probably the only person happy to receive a rejection because it means I’m a real author now.


At any rate, those are the reasons that blogging is the last thing on my mind, because I put those things first. And lack of what to post has also made it difficult because I want to post things that are useful or worth reading, not just random yahyah. So yes, any ideas are very welcome.

Sorry for this brief post. But I felt that I owed an apology.

*bows solemnly*

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