Music Biography

I’ve always been in love with music. Even as a young child, I would toddle up to the piano and plunk random keys to accompany my singing. I started taking piano lessons when I was six and studied that instrument for four years under the teaching of three home teachers, eventually transferring to Dr. Gulimina Mahamuti’s piano studio in 2013. From then on until 2021, I studied under Dr. Frank Chiou at Ohio Wesleyan University. 

Under her tuition, I was able to study classical music the way I had always wanted to and also learn various techniques and styles that have greatly influenced and shaped my music, making it what it is today.

Piano achievements include:

— Five consecutive ribbons from the Richland County MTA Ribbon Festivals (2013-2017)
— One Superior Rating and Four Unanimous Superior Ratings from the OFMC Junior Piano Festivals (2014-2018)
— Five Gold medals from 2014 to 2018 at the Richland County of OhioMTA Sonatina-Sonata Festival
— Receiving the 2014 Student Assistance Fund scholarship of $150 from the Central East District of OhioMTA in February 2012
— Qualifying for the 2017 Ohio State Level Piano Competitions
— Achieving playing fifteen of Bach’s Inventions at age 15
— Qualified to perform at the District IV Junior Honor’s Program in April, 2018

Besides piano, I also play Irish pennywhistle, low whistle, Irish harp, and bodhrán, and occasionally sing.