New Year, New Beginnings


The month of starting back with school. The month where all the Christmas things are gone–including the cookies. The month where you realize you still have two more months of early darkness in the evenings, and there’s no Christmas tree in the corner to make the house look cozy.

Kinda depressing, if you ask me, even though I have a birthday in that month.

But, despite the darkness and winter cold, and the fact that school resumes again, it’s not all that bad. Honestly.

A new year means new projects, new goals, new achievements. What are some of your new goals/projects for this year? Any ideas as to how you will achieve them?

Some of my goals are the following:

  • Finish writing the Princess of the Highlands Trilogy; possibly edit the whole thing through.
  • Finish The Last Dance novella.
  • Achieve the splits. (Don’t laugh; I’ve always wanted to them, and I’m only a couple inches away from it.)
  • Put more of my songs into sheet music form.
  • Learn more advanced dances (this is still up in the air depending whether I successfully make it into a new studio or not)
  • Continue writing my various WIP’s. (Haven’t yet decided which ones to focus on once LTD and POTH are finished)
  • Make Between Two Worlds, my NaNoWriMo project, publish ready.

I could go on, but I’ll stop there.

Armed with music, I like to think I’m unstoppable. XD

What are some of your motivations to keep working when you feel dead/discouraged? Any tips?


Song for this week is actually an entire soundtrack that I’ve been listening to while writing since my current WIP is sorta a retelling of Phantom of the Opera. Phantom of the Opera Movie Soundtrack is a bit on the heavy side for me, but I’ve found it inspiring while writing this novella. ^.^


Graphic this week is another entry for a friend’s contest. I have too much fun messing with bevel fonts.

midnight higher text


I know I’m a bit of a disappointment having no new book reviews to show. But, I hope to have more of those coming in future.

Have a great weekend!

~ Gwynnedd


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